Established for over 30 years, le Groupe Cogestion is a reputable firm in the fields of events, marketing and sponsorships. The avant-garde and creative firm has mainly made its name with the events it has produced in the last years.

Today, the company specializes in creating high-impact sponsorship opportunities by establishing strategic alliances between sponsors, sponsored properties and their partners. Amongst the properties we represent, are the International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and the Commercial Development Society Destination centre-ville.




TIMELINE Pict-01_reduit1984 – With two tourism promotion and management contracts in hand, Paul Thouin founded the company, first known as COGITOUR.

1988 – Creation of the Communication Agency IMPRESSION
IMPRESSION offered a full range of agency services from conception to graphic design, advertisement placement to translation as well as printing brokerage. An additional 10 employees were hired and GROUPE COGITOUR became COGITO to expand its range of services beyond the borders of the tourism industry.

1978-2008 – Management of the Pointe-du-Moulin Historic Site
Through its founder’s vision, Cogestion was appointed to manage for over 30 years, Quebec’s National Historic Site, a place to experience the first colony’s history. It became Quebec’s first site to offer cultural entertainment, employing actors to revive historical characters and engage in traditional artisanal occupations.

1992-2016 – Cogestion revitalized the International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.
Created in 1984, the Festival modified its chart in 1992 and confided its management to a consortium of three companies including Cogestion.The event was in deficit and attracted less than 100,000 visitors a year. Cogestion carried out its task with pride and saw the event’s notoriety rise considerably.

1996 – To its management contract, Cogestion added sponsorship agreements to its Festival mandate.
Two of the three consortium companies join parties, Daniel Bissonnette and Paul Thouin become cofounders of COGESTION INTERNATIONAL. The sponsorship revenues rise from $ 53 K to $ 2M within a few years. Today, sponsorships amount to $ 7M annually.

1996 – … Cogestion manages Downtown Montreal’s annual Sainte-Catherine Street Celebrates.
Instigated by Destination centre-ville, the event’s goal is to celebrate the outstanding commercial offer of its most celebrated street. Known as Canada’s largest open-air commercial street fair, the event attracts over 300,000 visitors yearly.

1998 – Cogestion created Montreal’s Christmas Parade.
Of national scale, broadcasted live on TVA, the parade was designed by COGESTION inspired by Christmas Classics. Parade characters gave out 100,000 gifts to spectators lined up along the sidewalk.

1990-2000 – Various management and consultation contracts were ensured such as : the management of the City of Chandler’s Service des loisirs, the creation of a hands-on museum in Westmount, the management of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu’s airports and many other consulting mandates for the Montreal’s Old Port, the CIDA, the Pointe-à-Callière museum, and Parks Canada for its Biosphère.

2005-2006 – Corporate Sponsorships
We were entrusted with securing corporate sponsorships for the Canadian athlete Marc-André Moreau, young Acrobatic Ski Olympic Medalist hopeful. The company also shared its expertise to secure corporate sponsorships for a formula racer as well as a ‘’Gazelle’’ team (The Aïcha Rallye of Gazelles in Morocco).

2011 – Creating “Les Petits Plus Banque Laurentienne”
Creation of a corporate promotional and proximity signature concept celebrating the bank’s and its employees’ social commitments. The employer wished to give recognition to all employee volunteer actions and therefore increase employees’ sense of corporate pride and belonging.

2012 – The Bombardier Experience: “Tomorrow’s pioneers”
Cogestion was selected to organize a Bombardier Human Resources in-house event to accentuate employees’ sense of belonging, pride and adherence to the company’s set of values. The large-scale interactive experience reached all 3,500 employees and obtained a higher-than-average 80 % satisfaction grade.

2015 – SPONDEO ( from the Latin, meaning I commit)
As a result to the research done in preparation to granting a conference at the International Guild of Sponsors, COGESTION created SPONDEO, the sales and commitment sponsorships division of the company. SPONDEO is still in its development stage and takes premise in the desire to ensure growth and longevity to companies through social commitment initiatives, both within the company’s borders and beyond, to its clientele’s reach.Communicating the company’s positive image and notoriety becomes the main focus, through various strategies including the use of social media platforms.

2016 – GAME came about at the same time as SPONDEO.
With GAME, our interest is in preserving a company’s longevity by creating empowering workspaces and recognizing employee personal and professional skills. Increasing employee retention and recruitment directly impacts the company’s profitability. Co-created by COGESTION, here is a new business approach in development.